What are keywords?


Let’s talk keywords! What are they? And why are they important? Keep reading and I will explain everything you need to know about keywords and also drop in a few top tips to help you grow your businesses online presence. 

Keywords are terms which define what the content on your page is about, these terms and phrases are what searchers will type into the search engine, also known as search queries. As a website owner or content creator, it is important for you to know the relevant keywords before writing the page content. Knowing this inside information will give you more of a chance of showing up in the search engine results pages.

*Top tip* 

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Why are they so important? 

Having no keywords is like setting up a business and not telling anyone, as it will be impossible for anybody to find you in the search engine results pages!

Keywords are the linchpin between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need. Your overall goal should be to rank higher in the search engine results pages which will help drive organic traffic to your site and the keywords you choose will determine what kind of traffic you will get. 

Keywords should also be focused as much around your target audience as they are about your content, as you may describe what you offer in a slightly different way to other people. So ask friends and family members what term they would use to describe the service/product you offer.

*Top tip* 

Any SEO tool they will specify related keywords, this will show the highest ranking terms that other people are using to describe that service/product.

It is important that your chosen keyword is also included in the URL slug, meta title, meta description, header and within the content. 

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