Why you need to implement a social media strategy

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Do you struggle for time and end up posting on social media last minute just for the sake of it? Very much like running a business, social media needs structure and planning for you to be able to positive results. We have broken down everything you need to know to create an effective social media strategy. 

Like any other marketing tool, social media can increase your brand awareness and sales if done correctly, even with a limited budget, you can put your business in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people. It also gives you another opportunity to meet your business goals.

The first step. 

To create an effective social media marketing strategy; the first step is to figure out who you want to reach, having a few target personas will come in handy.

Choose the best platform for your business.

There are many social media platforms, the chances are your target audience is on more than one of them, but this doesn’t mean that you have to put all of your efforts into every single platform. We recommend picking two to start so that you can focus on making your profiles as best as possible to create engaging content. 

8 best practices for social media

1. Keep your content different. 

Try to mix up your content so that it isn’t the same for every post, for example, try discussion posts, videos, polls and infographics. 

Also, avoid posting the same content on all channels- even if it’s just rewriting the caption.

2. Try to include an image with a caption.

Statistics show that posts containing an image/video receive a higher engagement rate. 

3. Engage on each platform

To increase the reach of your posts, social media algorithms like people/businesses that engage and not just post as it shows they are active and not just using them to promote themselves. Put some time aside each day to engage with other accounts by liking, sharing, following and commenting on their posts.

4. Keep Consistent! 

When you post consistently, your reach will grow, as soon as this stops, it will start to decrease and you will have to start the process all over again. To overcome use a scheduling tool, where you will be able to schedule a bulk of posts rather than doing it every week – which can easily be forgotten about. 

5. Decide what content should go where.

Not all content suits every platform, your audience and engagement on each platform is also different, so try to deliver what is relevant to them and what they want to see. 

6. Post more than just your brand.

Posting about your business is important, but it can’t be the only content you produce. Create content that is engaging for your audience such as tips, insights, and behind the scenes posts. As nobody wants to be sold to all the time, so provide them with valuable content, and they will stay engaged with your account.

7. Create polls and surveys.

By creating polls and surveys, it encourages quick engagement that people don’t have to think about, and know they will also remain anonymous to other people who see the poll/survey. It also gives you great insight into your audience and who is engaging with your content, allowing you to tailor it more to them. 

8. Set time aside each day to answer messages. 

People who message on social media typically expect a quick response., by setting time aside each day to check all of your platforms for any messages, ensuring that nothing is missed for longer than 24 hours.

When you plan out your social media strategy fully, you will find that you can reach not only your social media goals but more of your business ones as well. If you would like any further advice on how to start making the most of your social media presence, contact our tea of experts today.


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